Creamy Bacon Crumpet Treats

OK, so I may seem like a cop-out but I am actually re-blogging my first ever blog right now. Not because I have ran out of material (trust me I have enough recipes running around in my head to last a life-time!), but because this recipe never got the credit it deserved. It was my blog to ‘test the water’s’ really; to see how easy it was to post a blog and to test what sort of reaction I got. After this moment I was hooked! This poor little crumpet didn’t even originally have a picture to accompany it, so here it is in it’s full glory! Alright, I guess it could be mistaken for last nights re-constituted dinner, but trust me, this is the tastiest breakfast in the world! So good I must have made it about 20 times since my first blog. Trust me, if you try it you will love it!

All you need to serve 2 people is;

2 x rashes of smokey bacon, chopped into small strips

1 finely chopped shallot

Half a leek, finely chopped,

Nob of butter

2 Table Spoons of cheese

Small handfull chopped fresh chives

4 x crumpets

So this is really simple. Just fry the shallot and leeks in the butter and when they are soft add the chopped bacon and saute until it starts to turn golden. Add the cream cheese and turn off the heat and just stir until it is all mixed in. Add the chopped chives and you are ready to roll.

Serve on top of toasted crumpets. You just need a small amount of topping per crumpet, so there is no need for cutlery and therefor less washing up! Happy Days!

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