Thai Sweet Chilli and Peanut Stir Fry Vegetables and Rice Noodles

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100 ml
100 grams
Caster sugar
1 tsp
Chilli flakes
1 whole
Lemon grass - trimmed and roughly chopped
2 tbsp
Peanut butter
2 tbsp
Dark soy sauce
1 tbsp
Sesame oil
20 grams
Ginger - peeled and grated
1 whole
Chilli - de-seeded and finely chopped
350 grams
Stir fry vegetables
275 grams
Cooked rice noodles
1 whole
Lime - Juice
1 handful
Peanuts - crushed
Thai Sweet Chilli and Peanut Stir Fry Vegetables and Rice Noodles
  1. Serves 2In a small saucepan, melt the sugar and the water and then bring to the boil with the chilli flakes and the lemon grass. Leave to simmer away on a medium heat until the liquid has reduced by half. Once the sauce has reduced, leave to cool slightly and then mix together with the peanut butter and soy sauce.
  2. Heat a wok with the sesame oil and fry the garlic and chilli for a minute. Add the vegetables and cook for a minute or two before adding the noodles. Cook the vegetables and noodles off for 3-4 minutes, constantly turning
  3. Tip the veg to the side of the wok and add the peanut sauce, once this starts bubbling away toss the vegetables in it until they are well coated. Squeeze over the lime and serve topped with the extra peanuts and some more chilli, if you’re brave enough!

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