Moroccan Flat Bread and Caramlised Onion Hummus

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For the dough
200 grams
Plain flour
2 tsp
Ground cumin
2 tsp
Ground coriander
1/2 tsp
Ground ginger
1 Splash
1 Twist
2 .
For the houmous
1 large
Red onion - peeled and finely sliced
30 grams
1 Splash
Olive oil
1 tbsp
1 Dessert spoon
Balsamic vinegar
200 g tin
Chick peas - drained and washed
2 tbsp
Lemon - Juice
2 whole
Garlic clove - peeled and finely chopped
1 tsp
Ground cumin
1 tbsp
4 tbsp
2 tbsp
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Moroccan Flat Bread and Caramlised Onion Hummus
  1. To make the starter, mix all the dry ingredients together Add water a little bit at a time, stirring between each addition until it is of a dough consistency
  2. Divide into 4 balls and roll out to about 1mm thick (as thin as you can get them) on a floured surface
  3. Get a dry frying pan really hot and add each bread 1 at a time for a minute on each side. Once you see it start to bubble up flip it. If it bubbles too much just stab it to let the air out.
  4. To make the humous, start with the caramelised onions... Heat the oil and the butter in a frying pan until the butter has melted. Add the sliced onion and soften for a few minutes Add the sugar and balsamic vinegar, turn down the heat and leave to simmer for ten minutes.
  5. Blend all the other ingredients together until smooth and season to taste. Add more lemon juice or garlic if you need to.
  6. Now add the onions and blend again, I prefer a chunky bits of onions in mine so blend I tend to just whiz it quickly. Serve warm or cold, whatever your preference

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