So what can I tell you about me…

I guess my love for food really kicked in when I went to University. I was determined to eat healthy, cook for myself and make delicious budget meals (so that I could spend more money on living student life to the max!)! I was amazed at how easy it was and would make regular trips to the Birmingham markets, bring back as much fruit, veg and meat that I could carry on the train and then have a cooking and freezing fest.

I started off with a collection of 2 cookbooks; Delia Smith – Ultimate Collection (a.k.a my bible) and Jamie’s Oliver’s, Italy (which I secretly “borrowed” from my brother), and I guess they have been a big inspiration to my taste and style of cooking. I’m not one for fine dining, fancy dishes but love experimenting with weird and wonderful ingredients, putting my own spin on traditional comfort food and making the most of the contents of my fridge.

Love and passion are the most important ingredients of any dish and if you are yet to find your connection to cooking then pour yourself a large glass of wine, turn of your favourite tunes and have a go at something you know you love; homemade pizzas are always a fun and very satisfying place to start, or a simple yet so scrummy Vicky sponge.

The love I found for cooking at university soon turned into a bit of a crazy obsession and so I set up Homemade with Mess in 2012 with the aim to share my love for great food and hopefully inspire more people to get in the kitchen.



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